For those with a little more academic attitude, here are some awesome places to find more about eating a vegan diet.

  •– A great source for starting out, if you want to live a truly vegan lifestyle. Good explanation, and a lovely website!
  •– If you are into converting your loved ones to your love of a whole vegan existence, reach out here. (I kid, they’re fantastic at explaining the ethical reasons lots of folks go vegan and have the data to prove their points.)
  •– This page in particular is awesome, and hilarious, and gives a good view into trial runs of eating vegan.
  •– It’s a great blog that gives a well rounded view of a strict, and delicious vegan diet. Brittany is focused on promoting veganism to prevent animal cruelty, and with her husband William, they have great practical tips and information on why they went vegan.

The more sources that I find that are good, solid, and reputable places to learn more about VeganEaten, I will be certain to pass them on. What are some of your favorite vegan websites?


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