What Does Vegan Mean?

I love these perfectly reasonable, and yet, really difficult questions from friends and family. To be honest, I was asking myself this question in culinary school, while learning exactly how to change whatever dish I was making to suit multiple food issues.

The bakers took a whole class on baking for certain allergies and lifestyle choices. Per usual, the cooks just had to figure it out on the fly. Bakers are so much more regimented and scientific than cooks are.

But VEGANS. I’m talking Vegan Nazis, the ones who will absolutely disembowel you of your right to say “I’m vegan!” at the slightest whiff of leather on your person. What do they call vegan?

Well, it means that you don’t eat this:

  • Meat from any animal
  • Dairy from any animal
  • Honey- made by bees (an animal)
  • Eggs- because they’re baby animals
  • Gelatin- made from bones (hopefully just of animals…)

And it means that you don’t use these:

  • Any item made of leather
  • Or silk
  • Or wool
  • Or fur of any kind (because animals.)

If you’re a Vegan Nazi, you also avoid:

  • Refined white sugar (Bone Charcoal is used to purify the color of the sugar)
  • Some wines (Some vintners use egg whites to clarify the wine)
  • Any product that is tested on animals (Cosmetics or household products)

If you want more detailed information, or if you are interested in becoming a Vegan Nazi (I’ll still love you, promise, I’m just not interested in becoming one), then head on over to the lovely list of RESOURCES.

Do you have another question about being a super vegan? Comment away and I will answer to the best of my abilities!


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