What is VeganEaten?

Reasonable question. VeganEaten was actually an astonishingly underused hashtag on Instagram when I started using the app in Spring 2015. I was trying to label my dinner pics and the phrase popped into place. Today, VeganEaten is a resource for those who want to eat a vegan diet, are curious about veganism, and have no clue how to follow it without eating food that tastes like nothing.

VeganEaten is definitely the right resource for you if:

  • You are BUSY
  • You are health conscious or have a wannabe healthy mindset
  • You aren’t totally clueless about food- tomatoes are a fruit, you know what they look like, etc.
  • You feel helpless when you consider taking on a vegan diet with EVERYTHING else you already balance
  • You think that eating vegan is HARD
  • You don’t really know how to shop for groceries, besides grabbing everything that looks good
  • You don’t have a whole boatload of $$$ (It’s cool if you do, but the beauty of eating vegan is that it’s pretty cheap!)
  • You don’t have time to do menu planning and research every goddamn week
  • Your Pinterest boards are full of healthy recipes that you have never made and always intended to
  • You beat yourself up because you don’t make time to plan/shop/cook healthy meals
  • You don’t want someone “holistically guiding” you-whatever that actually means
  • You like to EAT GOOD FOOD
  • You don’t want to give up cheese
  • You don’t live alone and therefore can’t totally go vegan because you have to made two meals every time

VeganEaten is NOT for you if you identify with the following:

  • You are a devout vegan with years of eating a completely plant based diet
  • You have all the time in the world to stand in your kitchen and prepare food for hours each day just so your family can all eat a healthy diet
  • You really just love the taste of raw vegetables and are confused why people say giving up cheese sounds impossible
  • You routinely research the food products that you’re eating for any hint of animal product and feel horribly about it

Yeah, no. Not me either. I started eating a mostly vegan diet about three years ago. My family started following the RICE diet for a summer, and I was grumpy about it until we hit week 3. I stopped focusing on how much I missed sugar (and salt) and started focusing on how I could add more flavor to my food without them.

What made me feel satisfied? What food combinations did I look forward to the most? Why did roasted veggies taste so much more delicious than raw? How did I feel so much more awake now?

Most of these questions were answered over the next year or so, as following the plan became my key to feeling like I was actually living. Following a vegan diet was what made me feel alive and energetic, which wasn’t normal for a college student. I was used to complaining about how tired I was, listening to friends talk about how bloated they were from the weekend’s parties, and generally bitching about not being healthy.

Which is really an unhealthy mindset.

So, here’s where I can help you. I went to school to learn to cook, and have worked in restaurant kitchens for the past 8 years. I also try to stick to a vegan diet, which I view as the best way to help myself stay healthy, stick to a reasonable budget, and to reduce my impact on the planet by not consuming commercially raised meat.

Do I mess up? Yeah. Does that kind of crush me inside with guilt and regrets? Yup. Do I keep going after I fall off the wagon? A little dust and a bruised ego shouldn’t stop anyone. Am I super skinny? Nope.

Eating vegan helps me maintain a strong and healthy body. You can take it as a weight loss plan, but I’m not promising that. I am promising that you will feel more awake, have more energy, and feel like you are constantly eating, but not constantly hungry.

That’s VeganEaten. Alive, strong, confident, and constantly eating. 🙂


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