Not Quite VeganEaten

Hello Y’all!

When I first started eating vegan, it was with the full support and following of my Mom and my sister. My stepdad, however, not so much. As the lone carnivore, he wanted steak and chicken and sausage, but he was more than willing to eat some of our “rabbit food” because it looked really good!

Fast forward three years: He’s on the wagon, for a variety of reasons. His specialty used to be meat sauce with spaghetti. Now, he can make the best lentil bolognese out of the entire family.

I’m not suggesting that you try to convert all of the meat lovers in your family to immediately eat vegan. In fact, that’s not going to work. Not at all.

What will make it easier on you, who is more than likely preparing the meal for everyone in the house (or just lone you, to eat with bae- I mean, Netflix) is how to make what is solid VeganEaten into NotSoVeganEaten.

With every recipe, I add the NSVE option at the bottom. Often, it’s just a specific cheese that works best with the recipe, but here are some other options:

  • Put an egg on it- fried, poached, or scrambled, a couple of eggs go with almost everything. Your discretion as to what they don’t belong on.
  • Add your favorite cheese. I use a tablespoon or so of parmesan, feta, or manchego to round out the need for salt and umami in my dishes. It makes it more appealing to your beloved omnivores, it’s fast, and helps you feel satisfied.
  • Marinate some meat. If it’s a recipe that calls for tofu to be marinated, coated in a spice, or cooked at all, don’t think for a minute that you can’t do the same with your choice of meat. Chicken, pork, beef, and often fish can all be marinated and prepared at the same time. Multiply your marinade x2 and grab another bag honey!
  • Go nuts! Technically, it’s still vegan, but it rounds out the flavor profile nicely to add sources of natural oil to your food and a good crunch never hurt anyone!
  • Split it. When you’re cooking a stew, soup, or sauce for pasta, remember that you can either double the recipe and make one with meat, and one without, or divide it in 1/2 and share some saucy-ness with their favorite animal protein. More dishes, but more happy diners.

As an overview of simple adjustments, this is what I got. If you really want to get into issues with vegan baking (personally, eew.) then find a guru and a lot of flaxseed. I’m not a baker, and I am totally okay with eating Ezekiel or naan if I start craving bread.

Or, check out some awesome vegan baking blogs. I’ll sort through my favorites and list them in a few for ya.


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